Dexter is a browser-based, domain-independent, structured-data explorer for the everyday user.
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To revolutionize the consumption of structured data on the web.

Empower users to :

  • Explore accessible data in an ad-hoc fashion.
  • Query the data with higher expressivity than that is directly supported by the data sources.

  • To explore accessible data (e.g. local files, APIs, databases, Web pages) in the form of tables.
  • To query these tables using Dexlog.
  • To visualize the data in tables or the query results as charts.
  • To export tables and share them with other users.
  • Data = Tables.
  • Query = Dexlog (the goal, eventually, is to support a form-based approach for querying).
  • Client-sided exploration of data - because you love your data and we don't want it!

Abhijeet Mohapatra

Sudhir Agarwal

Michael Genesereth